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100% Latex Mattress Topper – No Fillers – Reversible with 2


(as of 11/23/2015 at 20:55 UTC)

SKU: B00P1LVN9U Category: ID: 4479

Our latex topper is made in the United States with the world’s first patent pending double pouring continuous line. Latex is a white, milky liquid, a stable dispersion of rubber particles (organic polymer particles) in water. Natural latex is the sap of the tropical rubber tree “Hevea brasiliensis” which is grown in plantations in South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia), parts of Africa (Cameroon) and South America (Brazil). eluxurySupply guarantees the use of high-quality natural latex from plantations selected, controlled and carefully tested for use in the production process. eLuxurySupply attaches great importance to the use of natural latex. This not only contributes to a unique elasticity and flexibility of the final product, but also a sustainable and ecological production. The process for creating this topper begins with the foaming and pouring process, where a mixture of latex, soap and vulcanizing agents are combined. The mixture is then “foamed” by adding compressed air to the compound. The foam is deposited onto the continuous line which has pins necessary for the steam vulcanization process. The topper is then heated, cleaned and enters a washing bath and is dried, inspected and boxed up. It’s then ready to be sent out to each customer! Our latex topper is made with the latest and greatest latex technology that is revolutionizing the industry. Experience the comfort of a latex topper from eLuxurySupply today!


  • No seams – No adhesives – No fillers – 100% latex
  • Two sided design allows you to choose between a plush side or a firm side
  • Constructed with self ventilating holes that allow air exchange during sleep
  • Does not transfer motion to keep you from disturbing your partner
  • Made in the USA

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