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2.75 Inch Queen 4 Pound GEL Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed

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(as of 11/23/2015 at 20:58 UTC)

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Back Support Systems ability to reduce pressure points is one of the reasons so many people are getting the best night’s sleep. Now you can enjoy the benefits of memory foam, by adding this topper to your existing spring, latex or even memory foam mattress. This topper will add comfort and increase the quality of sleep from your mattress immediately. Three inches of our memory foam used in this topper is specifically designed to enhance the feel of your current mattress and also provides additional support in areas where your mattress may be dipping or sagging. The foam is also specially formulated to contour to your body at any temperature and will give you the extra comfort you need to get the best night’s sleep possible from your current mattress. Our toppers quality meets or exceeds Green Certification, which means they are manufactured, fabricated and packaged in the U.S.A. meeting all EPA and CSPC standards being safe and free from harmful chemicals. Independent laboratory results qualify products and ensure they are manufactured without the use of ozone-depleting substances such as Chlorofluorocarbons, Polybrominated Biphenyl, Ether substances, Harmful Metals, Formaldehyde, Prohibited Phthalates or any other unsafe materials. Our Toppers use Bio Foam, a unique production process, foam odor is virtually eliminated & time to use from first open, minutes. Unpacking, new foam may have absorbed a smell from the packaging, plastic & typical brand new odor associated with your new topper; however, this odor is not toxic or harmful passing all CertiPUR-US and EPA and CSPC standards. MADE IN THE USA. Your topper has been compressed and vacuum sealed for shipping purposes. Please carefully unpack the memory foam from the sealed packaging and lay completely flat allowing your topper to fully decompress for up to 96 hours at 72 degrees if in cold weather. In warm weather the topper will expand rapidly; typically minutes. Ready for us, Enjoy!


  • Back Support Systems Beds & Toppers are the best beds in the world. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER TOPPER BEFORE TRYING OURS! Made from our exclusive high density 4 lb memory foam to instantly contour & support your bone structure and posture to relieve pressure and ease pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint inflammation, and other ailments. You will sleep more soundly and experience relief from pain.
  • NOTE** For other colors/sizes click “Back Support Systems” link above to see other listings*** 100% USA Made Medical Grade Hypoallergenic 3 inch Certi-Pur Certified NON-TOXIC foam Toppers. 2.75 inches of high density supportive foam for perfect molding support for your whole family. You’ll want to protect from future aging issues. NOTE*** Beware of other memory foam beds of this size, especially cheap imported foam that do not provide the orthopedic support you need. 2″ to 4″ thick toppers need firm support under the soft memory foam or it’s of very little therapeutic value. NOTE 2*** Remember that your overall health is what your sleeping on every night. US made & certified non-toxic foam is how we guarantee your satisfaction. Where does the bad foam come from? Most of the time it comes from off shore, Imported. If it’s the cheap Chinese (sometimes toxic) imported foam, beware to be safe.
  • GEL-Memory-Foam, Queen Topper, 60″ x 80″, Confourm Toppers, instantly makes any mattress more restful, comfortable, and supportive in sagging areas of any mattress. Made with pride in the USA, using environmentally friendly processes. Which meets or exceeds Certi-Pur-US certification standards. Our topper features a 4-pound density and featuring a famous gel-like feel that will support our entire body with the most comfortable, healing, relaxing and peaceful positions. Our Memory foam reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you can sleep better.
  • Back Support Systems beds are made from 25 years of mattress ingenuity. We have been making ultra-luxury therapeutic memory foam beds for almost 25 years. Every bit of comfort and manufacturing technology that goes into our people beds goes into our toppers. These handmade beds and toppers are built in the same workshop with the same materials as our mattresses and are made to last for years of use. Most Amazon sellers use cheap Chinese foam that will break down fairly quickly, even though theirs comes back to shape quickly it is not providing the proper support you need, plus theirs claim to be 3 lb foam but is more like 2 lb where we use 4 lb foam, necessary for a great night’s sleep.
  • Best of all, we are so confident that you will love this bed /Topper that we fully stand behind our products 100%. We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year manufacturer warranty on materials and workmanship. This is the best orthopedic memory foam bed / Topper made, if not, then return it with no questions asked. Our beds are fully made in the USA from foam to zipper to cover and the quality is evident from the very first moment. We have no competition in quality and performance.

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