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BedJet Climate Control for Beds, Cooling Fan + Heating Air

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(as of 11/23/2015 at 20:55 UTC)

SKU: B00THOHJV8 Category: ID: 4422

Find out why BedJet is the #1 recommended cooling & heating product for beds in America.

Some like it hot. Some need it cool. Some want to stay dry and others need different sleep temperatures than their partners.
That’s why everyone loves their BedJet!

Using advanced technology the BedJet sends a gentle and quiet stream of air directly into your bed for powerful cooling and warming comfort:

• BedJet cooling is awesome relief for stuffy bedrooms, hot sleepers, night sweats and hot flashes. Cooling mode power ventilates your bed, using room temperature air to wick out body heat and body moisture nearly instantly, is felt within 10 seconds.
NOTE: BedJet is not an air conditioner and not a substitute for zero air conditioning in extreme heat (80 degree+) bedrooms. Room temp needs to be below 79 degrees for best cooling. Optional AirComforter sheet recommended for improved cooling air distribution.

• Warming makes cold feet a thing of the past. Forget bundling up with heavy pajamas for chilly winter beds and give your bedding that toasty hot sauna feeling in just seconds

• Dual zone temperature upgrade available for independent cooling/warming of each half of the bed (See Dual Zone)

• Save money on utilities — why heat/cool the whole house vs. just your bed?

No wires, no tubes, no electricity in the bed and no mattress pads to sleep on top of, no water to leak, lifetime washable air filter

• Fits underneath any bed with 7″ space, side rail clearance only needs to be 3.5″, adjustable bed approved

• 40-day love it or return it guarantee

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed


  • Start sleeping better tomorrow with on-demand cooling and heating comfort right in your own bed, works on any size bed including adjustable beds, simple and easy to use
  • Powered ventilation cooling instantly wicks body heat and moisture out of the bed for awesome cooling relief, great solution for hot sleepers, hot-flashes and night sweats
  • Heating mode gives an enveloping sauna like warmth in just seconds, great therapy for cold feet and cold legs, safer alternative to electric blankets and warms bed 15x faster with air
  • Dual zone temperature upgrade option available for couples with different sleep temperature needs – stop fighting over the thermostat and sleep better together!
  • Includes 1 BedJet base unit with wireless remote control plus free Bluetooth App for control from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, App features include auto-shutoff timers, wake up alarm and temperature settings

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