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Best Seller, Dormay Premium Mattress Protector, Size Full,


(as of 11/23/2015 at 19:31 UTC)

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Looking for a high quality mattress protector? Hey, You’re in the right place!!

Dormey Premium Mattress protector is a high quality hypoallergenic, mattress protector that will give you a restful & healthy night sleep.

√ 100 % Waterproof
Dormey Premium mattress protector, is made from cotton terry material, which naturally absorbs fluids, and protects your mattress from any liquids, fluid spills, moisture, urine.

√ Vinyl Free, Waterproof membrane
That means no more annoying noises with every move, and your mattress won’t get hot., so you can enjoy a comfortable night sleep.

√ Allergy & Skin Protection
Protects you from Dust mites, bacteria, by keeping it safeguarded and sanitary from skin cells, mold, dust, liquids, and other allergy triggers.

√ Mattress Protection
Once a liquid stain reaches your mattress, it is very difficult to remove. It may make the mattress unusable, and will void your mattress warranty.

√Comfortable & Breathable
Dormay Mattress protector are thin, so you can still enjoy the quality of your Mattress, Our Mattress Protector also features microscopic holes in the membrane layer allow the mattress protector to circulate air.

√Easy to use
Fitted sheet style.

√ Machine Washable
Dormay Mattress Protector is Machine washable.

Dormay Premium Mattress Protectors are covered with a 15 year Manufacturer Warranty!!


  • DORMAY PREMIUM MATTRESS PROTECTOR, is the name for your trusted Mattress protector, This Premium Quality Hypoallergenic mattress cover, will help you get a restful night sleep.
  • HYPOALLEGENIC MATERIAL, Dr. Recommended, Protects from bacteria, Dust mites, and allergens. Our Mattress Protector, not only protects your mattress, it also protects you helps provide a cleaner more allergen free sleep environment for you and your family.
  • 100% WATERPROOF – VINYL FREE – NOISE FREE – with a revolutionary waterproof membrane technology, that protects your mattress from moisture or any liquids, fluid spills, moisture, urine. Our Mattress Cover is Vinyl Free, Surface material is made with soft cotton terry back coated with a breathable, hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof membrane layer. Cotton terry naturally absorbs moisture and is completely noiseless.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE – Dormay Mattress Protectors are designed with microscopic holes, in order to allow the mattress protector to circulate air, while still blocking out liquids and particles. This breath ability helps dissipate body heat and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, OR YOUR MONEY BACK, plus a manufacturer 15 year Warranty. So you can rest assured that you’re getting a top quality product.

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